Neo Titanium - Prototype - 55% Off

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Prototype Sale - Important Note

Please note that this item is a prototype and will show signs of use such as surface scratches or imperfections, which is reflected in the discounted price.

Prototype pens are not supplied with gift boxes or ink converters.


A futuristic sculpture that you can write with – this was the concept that we worked with when designing the Neo. The use of negative space through the barrel cut-out, as well as its clean lines and symmetry,  give this pen its unique sculptural quality.

The Neo is futuristic in aesthetics but also in function. We used a magnetic system to produce a satisfying click when closed, and to assist in aligning the cap and barrel. It is a writing instrument that looks and handles differently to any other pen.

This version of the Neo is precision-machined from Grade 5 titanium with a PVD coating to add even more scratch protection.

The nib provided is Peter Bock's model 180, with a 5mm feed diameter commonly referred to as "#5". It comes with either a stainless steel or titanium nib--the latter having more flex than steel and producing greater line variation.

The Neo fountain pen takes an international standard short cartridge or a Kaweco Mini Converter:
  • Length (Length uncapped) –142mm (134mm)
  • Weight (Weight uncapped) – 35g (23g)
  • Maximum diameter: 13.2mm
  • Grip diameter: 10.8 mm

 In this video you can find instructions for your Neo fountain pen. From changing nibs to realigning the clip.