Nova Pocket Fountain Pen

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A compact version of our popular Nova model, the Nova Pocket is a minimalist fountain pen. Machined entirely from Grade 5 titanium, the pen's body is composed of one clean arc to achieve a timeless and understated design. It features a pocket clip for greater portability, which is also made from Grade 5 titanium.

The Nova Pocket is paired with a large, smooth, #6 nib (Bock 250 model) that is made in Germany. It is one of the only pocket pens to feature such a large nib, thereby ensuring that there is no compromise between the pen's small size and its writing quality.


Length Open vs Closed 141mm (91mm)
Weight  39g
Barrel Diameter (Grip Diameter) 13.5mm (12mm)
Converter  None. Cartridge Only.
Cartridge International Standard, Short.
Postable Cap Yes
Nib Bock 250 #6