Orion is a fountain pen that features a clean, clipless design and seamless construction, which is achieved by precision-machining its component parts to exacting tolerances from a solid piece of pure copper.

Copper forms an attractive patina over time, becoming darker with use in a way that is individual to each user. Inspired by the Japanese principle of "Wabi-sabi" that finds beauty in imperfection, this finish offers an interesting and unusual contrast to the highly polished finishes usually employed in the crafting of luxury pens.

Please note that copper is heavy material and is suitable for those that enjoy a heavy pen.

The fountain pen comes with  #6 Stainless Steel nib (sizes EF, F, M, B). Each nib made by the internationally renowned nib makers Peter Bock of Germany (est. 1939), the Orion provides a wonderfully smooth writing experience.


Standard cartridge (short or long) or standard converter (included) for using bottled inks. 


  • Weight (Weight Uncapped): 77g (66g)
  • Length (Length Uncapped): 140mm (131mm)
  • Maximum Barrel Diameter: 14mm 
  • Material: Copper
  • Nib: #6 Stainless Steel
  • Please note that the pen is designed to be used without posting the cap. 
  • Converter included.
  • Can be used with any standard international cartridge, long or short format.
  • Each pen comes within a high quality gift box.

 Orion Copper Fountain Pen

Orion Copper Fountain Pen

Orion Copper Fountain Pen