Nova Studio Titanium Frosted

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Leonardo da Vinci famously said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". With this concept in mind the Nova was created with a clean, clipless design. Unlike other pens which have a large step between the cap and barrel, the Nova's body is made from a single uninterrupted arc which gives it a streamlined, aerodynamic aesthetic.

This version of the Nova is precision-machined from polycarbonate with a translucent finish, and Grade 5 titanium grip and finials. The translucent finish allows you to see the converter mechanism and ink inside, whilst the titanium trim give the pen the ideal weight and balance for writing with the cap posted on the barrel.

The Nova comes with  #6 Stainless Steel nib (sizes EF, F, M, B). A semi-flex titanium nib (sizes EF, M) can also be added to your order in the "Accessories" section of our website. Bock nibs are designed to be easily interchangeable without the use of tools.

Length (Length uncapped) 141mm (133mm)
Weight (Weight uncapped)  24g (18g)
Barrel Diameter (Grip Diameter) 15.5mm (12mm)
Schmidt K5 Converter  Included
Cartridge International Standard, Long & Short
Eyedropper-friendly Yes*
Bock 250 #6
Postable Cap Yes

*Can be used as an eyedropper (silicone grease will need to be added to nib threads, section threads, rear finial threads). To remove rear finial, a flathead screwdriver needs to be inserted into the barrel to reach the slot on the back of the finial. It can then be unscrewed by twisting CLOCKWISE.