Nova Studio Bronze

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Leonardo da Vinci famously said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". With this concept in mind the Nova was created with a clean, clipless design. Unlike other pens which have a large step between the cap and barrel, the Nova's body is made from a single uninterrupted arc which gives it a streamlined, aerodynamic aesthetic.

This version of the Nova is precision-machined from a solid bar of bronze. The bronze is uncoated which will allow each fountain pen to darken with age and acquire a natural patina individual to each user. Some signs of patina will be present on all new pens.

Bronze is a beautiful yet heavy material which gives this Nova considerable weight.

The Nova comes with  #6 gold plated nib (sizes EF, F, M, B). A semi-flex titanium nib (sizes EF, M) can also be added to your order in the "Accessories" section of our website. Bock nibs are designed to be easily interchangeable without the use of tools.

  • Large full-size pen with #6 nib.
  • Length (Length uncapped) – 141mm (133mm)
  • Bronze Weight (Weight uncapped) – 106g (72g)
  • Maximum diameter: 15.5mm
  • Grip diameter: 12mm
  • Please note that posting the cap can be done but will leave marks on the barrel over time.
  • Uses standard international cartridge, long or short format.
  • Uses international standard converter. 
  • Each pen comes within a high quality gift box.