Nova Titanium
Nova Titanium Nova Titanium Nova Titanium Nova Titanium

Leonardo da Vinci famously said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". With this concept in mind, we created the Nova, a fountain pen that offers unrivalled minimalist elegance thanks to its clean lines and clipless design. Its monochromatic colours, discrete threading and sleek profile give it a distinct sculptural presence and timeless quality.

The Nova is one of the few fountain pens in the world to be precision-machined from solid titanium and is available in a lightly brushed finish.

It comes with  #6 Stainless Steel nib (sizes EF, M, B), A semi-flex titanium nib (sizes EF, M) can also be added to your order.

  • Length (Length uncapped) – 137mm (131mm)
  • Titanium Weight (Weight uncapped) – 40g (30g)
  • Maximum diameter: 15.2mm
  • Grip diameter: 11mm
  • Please note that the pen is designed to be used without posting the cap. 
  • Converter included.
  • Can be used with any standard international cartridge, long or short format.
  • Each pen comes within a high quality gift box.