N2 Al & Steel Rollerball - 20% Off

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The N2 is a pocket pen with an industrial aesthetic, and an ultra-smooth Schmidt liquid refill. It quickly converts to a full size pen thanks to a closing system that uses o-rings instead of conventional threads.

The N2 is precision-machined from stainless steel (grip section and barrel) and aircraft-grade aluminium (cap). It features a minimalist design with subtle knurled details for an understated, industrial feel.

To stand up to the rigours of daily use it is protected by an extremely hard anodised aluminium. The bolted-on clip isn't going anywhere either, a welcome change from most pocket pens with removable clips that slide off too easily.

When in open or closed position the threads that usually join barrel and grip section have been hidden for better comfort and a cleaner design. 

The N2 uses a smooth-writing Schmidt P8126 refill. This ink is water-based and will put down a line with the lightest pressure. The N2 rollerball can also be used with Parker-style refills.

Length (Length uncapped) 104mm (99mm)
Weight (Weight uncapped)  45.5g (32g)
Barrel Diameter (Grip Diameter) 13.6mm (10.8mm)
Schmidt P8126 or P8127 or "Parker-style"
Postable Cap Yes