Horizon Titanium Beadblasted - 20% Off

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The Horizon fountain pen is a stylised version of the classical “cigar” shape that is undoubtedly a favourite among fountain pen enthusiasts. 

It is precision-machined from solid Grade 5 titanium rods, the same material that is employed in high-end titanium watches for its increased scratch resistance (compared to Grade 2). The finish on this variant is a beadblasted finish.

The Horizon is of a similar size to our popular Nova pen, and is designed to be comfortable without posting the cap.

It comes with a #6 Stainless Steel nib (sizes EF, F, M, B).

Length (Length uncapped) 143mm (128mm)
Weight (Weight uncapped)  54g (40g)
Barrel Diameter (Grip Diameter) 15.5mm (12mm)
Schmidt K5 Converter  Included
Cartridge International Standard, Long & Short
Packaging High-quality gift box
Postable Cap No
Nib Bock 250 #6