Horizon Titanium

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The Horizon fountain pen is a stylised version of the classical “cigar” shape that is undoubtedly a favourite among fountain pen enthusiasts. 

The Horizon is machined from solid Grade 5 titanium rods, the very same material that is employed in high-end titanium watches for it increased scratch resistance (compared to Grade 2). The finish on this variant is a bright machined finish.

The Horizon is sized very similarly to our popular Nova pen, a comfortable mid-size pen but with a different grip section.

  • Length (Length uncapped) – 142.5mm (128mm)
  • Weight Capped (Uncapped): 55g (40g)
  • Maximum diameter: 15.5mm
  • Grip diameter: 12mm
  • Materials: Grade 5 Titanium - Machined finish.
  • Nib: #6 Stainless Steel with Iridium Tip. Made in Germany by Peter Bock. 
  • Please note that this pen is designed to be used without posting the cap. 
  • Can be used with any standard international cartridge, long or short format.
  • Converter included.
  • Each pen comes within a high quality gift box.