Cambium is a premium dock for Apple iPhone and iPad. Combining an exquisitely crafted hardwood and steel body with a retractable cable mechanism, the Cambium dock brings effortless style and order to your workspace or home thanks to its modern, minimal design.

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter:

Namisu design studio, based in Edinburgh, believes that a smartphone accessory shouldn't be an afterthought, but rather that it should receive as much attention to detail as the device itself. That means no compromises on materials, excellent craftsmanship and superior functionality.

The top is milled from premium grade ash hardwood and hand-finished in London, whilst the precision-machined steel base brings excellent stability to even tall devices such as the iPad. Importantly, the user can spin the top to retract the the excess cable length into the body of the dock itself in order to eliminate the inconvenience of loose cables and tangles. The dock also features easy access to the home button for fingerprint unlocking thanks to its low profile slot.