The New Nova Brass

At last the Nova Brass is available! This material has been a popular request even since we released our Nova model in titanium over a year ago. Brass is a beautiful material that acquires a unique patina over time as the metal reacts with moisture in the air and the...

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Prototype Sale

We've accumulated a lot of prototypes from the Nova fountain pen project, pens that we used around the workshop for testing, which present very light usage marks as a result. You can now acquire these units at a discounted rate through our prototype sale section which you can find here....

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Nova Rollerball & Ballpoint Kickstarter Project

By far the most common request we've had over the past six months has been to create a matching rollerball or ballpoint pen for the Nova fountain pen. After much prototyping we're excited to announce the Nova Pen is finally available on Kickstarter. The Nova Pen comes with a unique...

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